Bethany Barrett

Musician, composer, sound designer

Hello and welcome to my portfolio! Here you will find various recordings and soundtracks that I have produced over the last few years. I hope you find something you enjoy. I am always available for new commissions and client work. Please email me at to start a conversation. Thanks!

🦄 Bethany



Hito Steyerl’s 2020 installation SocialSim used one of my dungeon synth compositions, Glacial Catacomb, as the music inside an art gallery‘s “secret VIP room” full of self-evolving artworks. For the film’s credits, I arranged a rendition of Ennio Morricone's Rabbia e Tarantella (1974), performed using guitars, drums, and synths.



Drill was a film shot by Hito Steyerl at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City. The piece centered around gun violence in America, both its history with the founding of the NRA at the Armory in 1871, and the present-day condition where mass shootings happen nearly every week. These data sonifications act as timelines of gun violence, where each beat marks the passing of a month, and each note represents a tragic incident. Through this process, a dark melody naturally emerges.

I scored the film using data sonifications of mass shooting data, performed using the Deepmind 12 and JX-8P synthesizers. These were later arranged and performed by the Yale University Precision Marching Band in the Park Avenue Armory Drill Hall.

This is the Future / Power Plants


Hito Steyerl's This is the Future / Power Plants used my drones to illustrate a garden of flowers with the power to cure social media addiction, hate speech and austerity propaganda. The film was presented in 2019 at the Venice Biennale.

Figaros Wölfe


I composed the soundtrack to Dominik Galizia's film Figaros Wölfe, a feature-length psychological drama about a woman overcoming her past trauma through the help of a friend. The synth-driven score features some of my favorite instruments, including the Roland JX-8P and the Moog SubPhatty.

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