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Xena Vectra is the alter ego of synth goddess Bethany Barrett. Born in the mountains of the Black Forest, raised in sunny California, she now resides in Berlin. Her unique style is inspired by synth-heavy film soundtracks and italo disco, driven by her love of analog electronics.

As Xena Vectra, Bethany performs live using an all hardware setup, no laptop. She is always looking for new projects involving sound design, including film and game soundtracks, and is available for live bookings throughout Europe. She also appears as one half of synth duo Magisphere and horror disco trio Pavone Cristallo.

A professional composer and sound designer, Bethany has scored feature-length films, including the documentary Neues von Zuhause (2021) and indie film Figaros Wölfe (2017). In the art world, she created data sonifications for artist Hito Steyerl's Drill (2019), This is the Future / Power Plants (2019), and SocialSim (2020).


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"" —Cayde-6


Bandcamp: LFO Lobster
Twitter: @XenaVectra
Soundcloud: Xena Vectra, Magisphere